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To start, it includes secure storage for keys, which it uses to validate the boot process to protect against firmware and operating system tampering.

But it goes further. In a sense, it essentially converts any SSD into a self-encrypted drive.

Mac mini: Updated after four years

Apple has moved a range of encryption and key management tasks to the T2, making it an integral part of the platform. It's also likely that the T2 can be used in all the bad ways that caused so much concern with Trusted Computing and the TPM. Still, the security implications are compelling, and in many ways the world seems to have made peace with DRM. The utility of streaming media services is overwhelming, and in general the DRM is so well hidden that you never really notice that it's there.

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This is useful innovation, and it's a kind that's much easier for Apple to do as Apple doesn't have the same compatibility concerns than the PC industry. It's probably not worth it for any individual PC manufacturer, because you need the software support within Windows, and not even Microsoft has the power to enforce this kind of thing from above. The company wanted to make TPMs mandatory on desktop systems to get a designed for Windows sticker but had to relent and remove the requirement.

You must login or create an account to comment. If you're already familiar with Macs, you'll recognize many of the features of OS X Lion and catch some new additions to Apple's newest operating system. Apple ].

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The package also includes all of your communication and organizational applications such as Mail, iCal and Address Book. The Mac mini comes equipped with Time Machine, an app that allows you to back up all of your data. You can access the Mac App Store to purchase and download additional apps for your Mac mini.

Mac mini - Technical Specifications - Apple

You also can surf the internet through the Safari web browser. All of your apps are stored on your Launchpad start screen, giving you quick and easy access to them.


Some new features and upgrades to the Mac mini include AirDrop, a Lion-to-Lion sharing feature that uses a WiFi connection, vertical text displays to support East Asian languages and multiuser screen sharing [source: Even though the variety of apps might seem overwhelming, OS X Lion is user-friendly and intuitive. It handles everyday usage well.

Mac mini Technical Specifications

The Mac mini is also an ideal Mac for a household looking to install a second or third computer. And it is a very good machine to use as a server, either for your network, or for watching media. Ready to buy a Mac mini? Go to the Apple Store.

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