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Shoot me an email and let me know which version you are using—1.

If the the beta is good I will try it. Great review. Do you ever wear your Garmin for triathlons? Or do you just wear a simple watch to keep your splits on races and leave the Garmin at home? I prefer not having all the extras you need for a Polar, but the Garmin is also bigger on the arm when you wear it. I LOVE my I agree with your evaluation of Sport Tracks. » How To Update Garmin Forerunner Firmware

It is great for tracking all of your activities, whether indoors or out. Hum… interesting review. I thought about the Garmin, but decided to use Polar. Good enough for me…. Wow, you did an awesome job reviewing it. Do you have the indoor footpod? I lengthen that by simply putting it in a little ziplock bag. I managed to only run twice on a treadmill all last year both during ice storms , plus once when I was overseas in an unsafe area.

Do you know if the SportTracks software contains a graphing window that lets me look at things like pace, heartrate, speed, etc versus distance run or elapsed time? Yup — ST1. There are also a slew of prebuilt reports as well you can generate. Good luck! And if you have any questions, feel free to ping me at my e-mail address on the right hand side of the main page. Excellent review. Can multiple user profiles be created so that my wife can use it also and record her training data separate from mine? Will this unit help me follow a road course during a ride?

Most cyclists will get the Edge one instead, which includes map overlays. Sports Tracks worth with the Edge the same was as the Forerunner series. The Edge is from Garmin.

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I noticed that most of your satellite photos were around DC. I do most of my miles in the trails around town and worry about getting frustrated with a lost signal. But overall no issues with any of the major trails in the DC area. Excellent review! Any ideas? Thanks again! Hope this helps. I am torn between getting a or After reading your excellent comments, I am leaning toward the However, I am looking for more information on cadence for both running and biking.

From the Garmin website, it looks like the will do both but the will only do cadence for the bike. Is this true? Also, what about the battery life for a full ironman — any options to make it last the distance? Both the and the equally do cadence on the bike and the run. You can use either the newer or older footpod for running with either device. I have both footpods and they both work with both devices. Here ya go: I got a for xmas and after having a hard time getting it to work on my computer I returned it.

I think the watch is great but it was very uncomfortable for me. It has a stiff band on your wrist.

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS – Mac data analysis and blogging

I have the and have had no problems with it. I ordered the and received it in the mail today. I have not taken it out on a run yet but I wore it for awhile and hardly noticed it. I got it at costco. I ordered the footpod but have not received it yet.

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I just got my Forerunner yesterday and did a test run this morning. I bought my wife an Edge for Christmas she bikes exclusively and doesnt run anymore I was torn about getting the Forerunner as it looked so big and clunky in pictures. I stopped by a local running store that carried the Forerunner and tried one on. I was pleasently suprised as it did not seem as big on my wrist medium build male as I had feared.

Anyway, I run, bike and inline skate. I also go spinning at the YMCA a couple of days a week with my wife. I like the Forerunner because I can set the display up to show only 1 data field Heart Rate and the numbers are big enough that I can read it in dim light without wearing my glasses old eyes. I have one question.


You say you have the foot pod for cadence running I assume Would the foot pod provide cadence while biking or spinning? Whereas the one for your bike has a magnet on both the spoke and crank, and measures RPM and speed. That said, I have seen cases where if I was riding my bike with my running shoes on and it had the footpod on I get some interesting data. Not useful data mind you — just a bunch of random semi-garbage data.

But worthwhile pointing out. One other gripe I have about the Garmin unit is that HRM sensor and footpod appears to not be compatable with other brands Polar for example. I know that when I go to the Y and use the Treadmill or Eliptical my polar HRM strap works with those devices so I dont have to grab the bars to get my heart rate. I can see by your review of the one could wonder how they would bring something like this to market given the issues you and others have mentioned look on the user reviews for the on Amazon.

How do I change my to see a large view of my heart rate, it so small to view on a bike or running? Your best bet is to make a screen with three different data fields, and place the HR on the biggest of the three.

Fitness Stats using Garmin Forerunner on Ubuntu 15.10

The rebates are unfortunately gone at this point, although they do appear rather frequently. They are usually listed here: Yes, you should get a fairly reliable route. My only concern with kitesurfing would be ensuring that you do NOT use the quick release mount which you would have to buy seperately , as it would easily pop off. But to instead use the strap that it comes with. Just my two cents.

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But eseentially it works out to between once every 1 and 4 seconds depending on turns. Otherwise, you can specify to record at a static every 1 second, but it reduces the time down to 3. The manual says 10m, but below that would be more accurate, as I can do track workouts without issue and it shows a very clear circle. Whereas 10m would be beyond that. Very informative review. It confirms my experience on a month or so.

Forerunner 310XT - Open device for service - can't locate satellites.

Is there any way to jump back to the regular timing display after being deep in the menus without having to push the mode button multiple times? The first two times the unit locked up. The third time was successful. I think one or both of the buttons on the face may have gotten pushed continually. Love your blog. I have used many of your experiences with the FR for my own and agree it is a great watch especially with Sport tracks. You mentioned you set it up to automatically change over sports in transition in triathlons.


Did you ever discuss how you actually did this? Very interested in doing this as well. Just be sure to remember where your start button is if you have it under your swim cap. Also pay attention to hitting the lap button just once. Also — after checking out this page: It looks like some folks are happy with: On pictures of the i see that the heartrate is displayed realy small.

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