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The first one makes your USB stick loaded with Windows and OSX's boot camp loader, the second one is the Boot Camp drivers it adds, the third one sounds weird but means it'll partition your drive to set up Windows.


When it finishes, you'll see this partition window. Here it gets really dodgy, because it actually doesn't work properly EVER.

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You need to choose how big your Windows drive should be. To calculate the size: Windows needs about 20 GB to function, then you need some space for your game. To make it performant I rounded it up to GB. But it depends on how big your games are etc. Skyrim e. So you'd need only 30 to 40 GB probably.

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The reason I said this is dodgy is because it'll probably fail. You'll see this amazingly descript error probably like me and my friends did:. It took me days to figure out how to fix it. But it comes down to this: It helps to just put stuff on an external hard drive while you're setting up Boot Camp, you can put it back after. The non-blue stuff on Macintosh HD is my free space, not enough obviously.

So if you have GB drive, get GB free. At GB, GB free. At 1 TB, GB free. You get it. Even after clearing all that space, Boot Camp will probably still whine and fail again, like it did for me. That's because it'll run into some weird errors on your drive.

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Those weird errors are because off, well, I have no fucking clue. But they're there. How to fix this? Well you open Disk Utility. Click "Verify Disk" and it'll check your disk. This might take awhile. I got this crazy scary error. If you didn't get that and it's verified, then just skip this part. I was like "wait WHAT? My SSD drive was broken? Why did nobody tell me!

There I opened Disk Utility in there to verify my disk. If your disk is encrypted like mine, you need to unlock it first by right-clicking the disk, selecting Unlock and entering your password. Then I verified it again, repaired everything and it worked fine.

There were no errors. Odd right? Vice City in The character in question, Tommy Vercetti, has just got out of prison after 15 years and his former boss is eager to expand his business on the other coast.

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Is there a better idea than opening a new branch of his organized crime business? Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the fourth installment of the GTA saga , popular due to its high doses of violence. It's a non-linear sandbox action and adventure game. Move around an immense city based on Miami, completing missions and fighting against the place's capos for the control of the streets.

Murders, drug dealing, street fights Make use of the most dishonest trades to control the streets of Vice City. Now just open this file with uTorrent or BitTorrent and select destination folder. Click start and once is done just open the dmg file and install it.

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Gameplay on MacBook. Very nice! I never tought that I will be able to play this awesome game on MAC…. The game working on MacBook Air. I already made five missions. Leave a Comment.