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Adobe Dreamweaver

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The 5 Best Free WYSIWYG Alternatives to Dreamweaver

There is no need of high-level coding skills to get used to this interface. Also, Visual Studio Code has enabled a built-in Task Runner attribute that provides a lot of convenience to the users. Though with all the usability, this Dreamweaver alternative still remains just a finer text editor and not a full-blown IDE , unlike the former one. Net are supported seamlessly.

The editor works equally well on all major platforms without any hassles. Visual Studio Code provides support for almost all major programming languages. Initial releases supported only Microsoft apps. However, now makers have made it into an advanced cross-platform code editor that works seamlessly on all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac. Hefty overcharged.

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It seems like a lot of money to spend on one tool especially if you have a plethora of free programs like Dreamweaver stacked around. Alternatively, you can pay a monthly subscription fee which comes with a day trial version followed by the commercial one. Point in case, only basic HTML editor features are unlocked in the trial version. The winner on this front is pretty clear, though.

Visual Studio Code is free and continues to be since Microsoft has revealed in its Build meeting that no plans exist to make it chargeable as of now. This feature makes it as one of the serious competitors for the best Dreamweaver alternative. What do developers think of Visual Studio Code?

What's in this list?

Visual Studio Code has created a certain fondness among people who work with JavaScript and has grown out to be something more than just a fad. Rapidly accelerating in popularity, most developers view it as a brand new text editor with a lot of room for improvement. In the recent months, the user base of Visual Studio Code has rapidly increased both in terms of live websites as well as additional websites that used Visual Studio Code historically.

If numbers are to be believed, the market share of Visual Studio Code has nearly doubled as it was when it was launched. Add to the fact, that it has gained enough momentum as a free Dreamweaver alternative. Although some experts might argue that there have always been some great free programs like Dreamweaver out there Netbeans, Sublime Text, Eclipse , but the ones that cost still have their extensive market share.

As per stats from Stackoverflow Developer Survey , Visual Studio Code has emerged as one of the top 5 contenders as a preferable web development and desktop application tool for developers. It has also got the confidence of experts as one of the best Dreamweaver alternatives. As a further matter, Visual Studio Code has also managed to care a special niche for itself in the industry. There is a good chance that in the coming year or so, Visual Studio code will replace Atoms, the very tool on which it was built.

Sure it is still young in its beta phase and a little rough around the edges. But given the speed at which it is evolving, Microsoft has made it clear that it is here for the long run. Both Dreamweaver and Visual Studio Code are efficient yet heavy web development editors used to design templates and themes. However, if you are looking for a fast-paced and lightweight theme generator software that can also conveniently comply with a bunch of WordPress plugins, TemplateToaster web design software is your savior. It is your go-to editor that can be used to develop templates with minimal efforts and a pool of functionalities.

TemplateToaster Website Builder. Debugging Dreamweaver Dreamweaver does a great job at debugging and optimizing code both in HTML-like languages and more complicated dynamic languages like JavaScript.

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Visual Studio Code As a Debugger, it works super fast and smooth. Web Development Dreamweaver Code Highlighting feature is an easy way to quickly scan and compile your code at the same time. Ease of Use Dreamweaver Dreamweaver has a clustered interface that seems confusing and pretty intimidating to new users. Pricing Dreamweaver Hefty overcharged. Visual Studio Code The winner on this front is pretty clear, though. Download Now. He wishes to render his pool of wisdom on to the world by contributing with content ideas here on this blog through a team of dedicated editors and writers. New to WordPress? Send My eBook now. Visual Studio Code.