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Russian Red swatch. Russian Red is described on maccosmetics. Though, it is mostly neutral not leaning cool or warm , it will only read slightly blue-toned on a very warm complexion. I would also describe this as a medium-dark shade. These factors make this the perfect red for all skin tones. Even girls who have trouble finding red to match their skin will love Russian Red.

It is long-wearing and will leave a slight stain on your lips after it has worn off. Unlike many matte finishes especially retro-matte , it is not drying and even a bit creamy.

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It will leave your lips looking matte, but feeling hydrated and smooth. It's smoothness does have a downside though. Some might find that it doesn't quite stay in place and may get outside your lip line. This can be easily counteracted by doing one of two things or both. First, you can apply a lipliner to the rim of your lips. I would recommend Cherry lipliner from MAC.

This will make sure your lipstick doesn't bleed and catches any lipstick that might get outside your lip line. Your second option is to set the lipstick with a translucent powder. This make sure your lipstick wont budge and better prevents it getting on things like coffee mugs, utensils basically anything you put near your mouth. It also takes away any shine.

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Though, this option may make your lips a bit dryer. This color is one of my personal favorites and is one of MAC's best selling lipsticks. The great thing about red lipstick and Russian Red in particular is that it looks good with any eye makeup, even blues, purples, greens, etc. I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for a sophisticated red and might have a hard time finding a red that fits their skin. I love this makeup look because it is very neutral and relaxed but girly at the same time.

I love Charlotte tilbury makeup. She's got an eye for color. Then you … Read more. About reviewer reviews. I had to buy without testing, because I don't have access to CT, and online swatches and descriptions are all over the place for this one!

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I've seen it described as a plummy rose no , as a matter of fact it isn't rosy at all on me, but a warm peachy brown nude. It is horribly named in my opinion.

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Then … Read more. Stoned Rose is also by far my most used CT lipstick - I'm more than halfway through a tube already, which is pretty impressive considering the size of my lipstick collection and the speed it grows. This was my second Tilbury … Read more.

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Stoned Rose Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury. Show ingredients. Yeah I always ask here as a last resort. For example a lot of dupes I look up get overshadowed by other colors in that product line, like if I want a dupe for ABH Ashton on Google I get several results for Veronica. I also can't find dupes for uncommon products like say Sugar Pill's trinket, or the Lime Crime lip toppers so I make sure to ask here just in case someone knows.

If I could have found out through googling I definitely won't take the time to ask here. You can't get dupes for Limecrime on Temptalia because she won't review them since they basically doxxed her last time she reviewed them. Proof here.

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There's filters on temptalia's swatch library though? Yeah I've done that. Their color selection is limited despite looking plentiful basically they're made to accommodate eye shadows. How do I seperate bronzers? They're all brown. There weren't any contour colors on the entire page. To try to get real contour colors I searched "from darkest to lightest" and got all oranges and startling pinks? I didn't even bother looking at what the products were meant to be categorized under. I love the search customization, but their algorithms are seriously off.

Also, when I look up permanent products it still shows me discontinued and limited edition options. The spam on dupethat is ridiculous I unfollowed them on Instagram. Neither resource is perfect and I've found a few random inconsistencies but I think temptalia is about as good as it's gonna get in terms of dupes! It's not a perfect solution, but it's a way of getting around LE items or my self-imposed low-buys. I will add I love futilitiesmore, who does incredible eyeshadow dupe posts on her blog and on instagram, and trendmood has surprisingly saved me from some impulsive purchases with some of her comparison swatch posts too, so they might be worth checking out.

I could see how sometimes there aren't readily found dupes for certain colors. Christine from Temptalia is amazing and that's why so many people recommend going over to her site. Otherwise, I think some people post here asking people to figure out dupes for an entire palette. Basically asking the group to do the work for them. I've individually looked up swatches to try to find something similar. Time consuming, yes. Impossible, no. I think that's why the majority of suggestions are resources than the answers.

I agree that DupeThat has gotten super annoying. I love the idea of there being a huge dupe resource with direct swatch comparisons. If I had access to their collection, I'd be seriously working hard to compare new releases to existing shades. Probably would have my arms permanently stained. I usually either google for dupes or search the shade on Instagram, eg.