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Or can you only burn an album side as one file. Thanks in advance. Average review: 27 reviews. My old turntable did not survive a long-distance move, and I have preserved my top or so LP's. The Sony was priced right and discounted for being repackaged. It arrived looking brand-new with factory package intact inside the Crutchfield box.

Except for a minor problem with the instructions, it was easy to install. After hours of use, I can say it operates perfectly and earns a 5-star rating. Cons: Registering the product for warranty at the Sony Web site was a bit of a nuisance -- too many questions -- but you have to do that only once. The unit works, but not exactly as described. The hardware is ok. The software loaded easily, but it will not play through my computer's speakers.

The instructions seem complete, even specifying my computer's software system, but the commands for the steps do not exist. I had to purchase a cheap amplifier to be able to hear what I was recording. Further, it took several tries before I got the hang of it. The recording does not start until several seconds after you start it, so I stepped on the music on my first few attempts. I recommend you find a unit that has built in speakers and instruction written by someone who has not only actually seen Windows 7 but speaks English.

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Pros: Looks good, recording quality was ok, once I figured it out. Cons: Speaker cords fixed to back of unit and too short to reach my computer. Instructions for setup of software beyond the basics which were automatic stink. Simple, straightforward, gentle touch on the vinyl. Good player for listening to old albums but not for real audiophiles. That's ok with me for now.

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The sound is exactly what you'd expect of a record player. It also came with Sony's Audio Tools, allowing you to record and enhance all of your records, which can be saved directly to your computer via the USB cable provided. Overall I am very happy with this product. I've wanted a turntable for my records for along time. I wasn't sure what to buy, but with the reviews on this web site, I felt good about the product and Crutchfield. I was not disappointed. It plays like a dream and is very easy to use. You can't beat this company for their desire to help you make the right decision.

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Incredible audio quality. This player really does a great job of playing the old vinyl records. Easy to use. Cons: picks up vibrations if too close to speaker, had to put a cushion under it. I have been listening to hundreds of old albums that I hadn't heard in twenty or thirty and longer! I've had three surgeries in my wrists, so my old manual turntables were of no use to me.

However, with this device, I just "push a button". I am completely satisfied! Absolutely perfect.. This turntable bridges formats of the past to format availabel now and in the future Great turntable easy to set up.

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Cons: I will never live long enough to convert all my albums to digital!!! I've had this model for a couple of years, and aside from switching out the stylus once in a while, I've had no problems whatsoever. I am a Mac user, so the software disc was useless to me. However, you do not need the included software to convert your vinyl to mp3.

Most audio software out there everything from ProTools all the way down to Audacity can be used with this model as long as you know how to adjust the settings on your computer and within the software. I used Adobe Soundbooth now called Audition and it worked perfectly. I don't use this feature much, but I like having it as an option when I find a piece of vinyl worth converting. As to the overall sound of the turntable, this is far from "audiophile" grade, with the sound being a little flat the highs are what I miss the most, but that could be my receiver or speakers -- I can't say for sure , but the listening experience is not overly tinny and definitely is listenable if you run it through an average receiver and speakers.

I'm using an old Kenwood receiver through Pioneer floor speakers and it's fine. Again, not an audiophile here.

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Maybe someday when I'm independently wealthy, I'll upgrade everything. For now, this is a great solution with a reliable name. I've used Sony products for years. Worth every penny. Pros: Option to record over USB works great with other software; pre-amp is built-in with an easy-to-find switch in the back.

Great for beginners or for people just getting back into vinyl after many years. Cons: Cartridge, alignment, skate, and tracking pressure are all faculty pre-set, and that's pretty much what you get. No real way to customize this. But if you want those things, you're probably not seriously considering a turntable at this price point. Out of the box and into use! Great player. My girlfriend was able to work it first try!

After a partial set-up of my new Onkyo receiver I started to get a little "befuttled" over some of the instructions. I called Crutchfield and was transferred to a technician. He walked me through every detail until the set up was complete!! He was very patient and very knowledgeable. I am so glad that my son-in-law turned me on to Crutchfield. It was a great experience all around! Thanks so much. Works well, but the include software does not work on my iMac computer.

I was so happy to find an inexpensive way to transfer my old albums, but quickly found that the software was difficult to use. Lots of "options" to separate tracks, that the software recognizes as one song, was very difficult to use. As a result I have several "sides" as opposed to "songs" on my Ipod. Another issue was that I couldn't get the sound to work with my PC. Despite trying several changes in settings, I couldn't get it to work.

Trying to record with no sound made it difficult because even after the side finished the computer continued until it was manually stopped, and the excessively long track had to be "trimmed" manually. The pain stopped when the turntable just stopped working. It began periodically lifting the arm and returning it to rest and turning off. Now that's all it does. Very disappointed. I'll spend more money for the next one I buy.