Transfer photos from galaxy note 3 to mac

Before you try to use Smart Switch to move files from Samsung to Mac, you want to make sure that your computer is compatible.

These are the minimum system requirements that must be met on your Mac:. If your Mac is compatible and met all the specified requirements above, follow these steps to install Smart Switch and transfer your data to your computer:. Unless you intentionally changed it, your Mac should save your backup in a default location.

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For Macs, this is usually where Samsung Smart Switch backup are stored:. Note : To quickly access the AppData folder, select Start.

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In the search bar, type appdata and press the Enter key. Browse files and copy or move your photos, documents and other files between your device and your computer.

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Backup & restore: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Columbo began writing professionally in Skip to main content. There are simple ways to share your media files between your Note3 and Laptop. Just take the time to go over the many resources you can find online. Although it may sound like a tedious task, once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to transfer your files seamlessly.

It will not connect when I plug it into the USB ports. I have Android file transfer on my computer and it just keeps saying try disconnecting and reconnecting. I have the phone set as mtp under USB computer connection.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3™

Yes No I need help If I have read your question correctly, you are doing everything properly that you should be doing. The only suggestion I have for you, is that your USB cable may be bad. Either try your cable on someone else's computer, or just try someone else's cable.

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This way you can narrow down if it's a USB port problem on your computer, or a cable problem. I used Galaxy Note3 to record a video, but, after transferring it to the laptop, I found the video doesn't play smoothly and stuck from time to time. I want to transfer videos to my laptop. I dropped my phone and my screen went black, I'm trying to connect my phone to open all the folders but it's not registering as a media device.

My phone wants to upload photos to Dropbox Drop box comes up not allowing me to choose where I want to save them. The issue is locating the files - the media is clearly on the phone but I can't find it listed in any of the obvious folders on the Desktop directory.

How do I transfer music between my Samsung Galaxy Note3 and my Mac?

Most commonly I'll be able to see most if not all the pictures I've taken, as well as pics or other media I've downloaded the pictures and the downloaded media usually appear in different folders. The videos showed up once when I set my phone to the camera connection versus the media device connection , but now it doesn't seem to work on either setting.

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Most of the videos in question are mp4 files, some are Quicktime. Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

Backup & restore: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | T-Mobile Support

Thanks, Mark. Typically the answer is to connect the devices and then transfer the files, but I literally cannot find the listing for the media files I'm looking for even though I know they are resident on the phone, so it's currently impossible to transfer something that I can't find listed. Thanks -.

That worked a couple of times, but it has ceased to work today. I think it was caused by: I have no idea.